Greetings for everyone! My name is Olga Popova and I am an architect-engineer, make-up artist and props master. The world of body art came into my life 10 years ago and actually gripped me with the opportunities to take, so today I am Russia and World Body Art Champion, who has been teaching property making since 2012. I am constantly educating myself and right now I am ready to share all my knowledge and information that has been gathered for years with you so that you make your dreams come true easily.

Let’s dive into a fairytale together!


Посмотрите на фотографии 


Посмотрите на фотографии 


Посмотрите на фотографии 

Online school of props

You will be able to:

  • you will learn to make costumes and decorative elements of various difficulty
  • turn your amazing ideas into life and use the skills that you have been craving for so much
  • create your own fantastic worlds and make everybody believe you are unique




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Briefly about practice...

Работы студентов
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Ekaterina Klimova / designer


I took a course in props and headwear making, and it was something awesome! It was super comprehensible and clear, so anyone would be able to do absolutely incredible things after master-class. Lots of thank you go to Olya for saving time and money and teaching priceless knowledge! 

Rauf Kerimov / photographer


Great thank you for the masterclass. It is amazing when you come at first and have no idea where to start but leave with a masterpiece. Olya, THANK YOU!

Natalya Dorodnaya / photographer


I want to say HUGE thank you for a 2-day props making course “Props making from A to Z” – it was such a joy that I am still in that creative euphoria! Tons of handy info: where to buy the materials for a reasonable price, what techniques to use and even where to take inspiration – something exhaustive. I am bound to participate in all Olya’s masterclasses

Lyudmila Priymakova / stone-carver and artist


I’ve recently taken Olya’s course in prosthetics and to say it was an eye-opener means to say nothing. Cozy atmosphere, accent on the basics, lots of practical advice on techniques and materials. Briefly, everything was just to the point – really handy! Olya, thank you for that priceless and unforgettable experience and for being a patient teacher with all of us

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